How do I get to this point?

How do I get to this point?


Real Estate Investing - Helping People find Homes


When I first got started I was a novice real estate investor.

When I got going in real estate it was in Miami, Florida in the mid 1990’s.

It was a time when REO’s [REO represents Realty Owned] were everywhere. It was the very first time I was attempting a few of my first short sales.

It was also back then When the times heavily resembled the way the market is going now.

In other words, it’s a good time to learn the trade and to either get started in it yourself or sell any unwanted properties that you may have yourself.

In other words it’s a good time to move out and make some money - since real estate can be a very profitable business model to follow.

Plus, in this business, you don’t always need to use your money.

There are other people out that that you can do a JV with and have them front the money and just give them a percent of the final sale price.

The people you want to look for are those who are already running successfully business or anyone looking to invest into a profitable business.

This is actually a pretty safe way to go about it and still make a good profit. And if all works out the two of you could partner up long-term and turn it into a full business.

And the good information is no person is looking at your credit record. No one is taking a look at you. And no person is emitting a big loan on your credit report to bring your ratings down. That’s worth something by itself, not needing to spend time filing papers for the financial institution or the home loan firm. There is no awaiting the money, it’s currently available.

There are lots of people right now who understand a good deal when they see one. Most people who get into this have the initial concern of the house being confiscated. But the truth is that those exact same folks need a spot to live and are normally excited to rent out a home that is in wonderful form.

One of my friends is actually doing this very same thing with his third house — rent to buy.

I have actually located in the past that most tenants take good are of the homes

Consequently my properties are more fluid when I require them to be. Altogether, for us real estate investors, because we didn’t make this clutter, and we are exempt for the circumstance. So we feel real estate investors should not feel guilty when taking advantage of the mess that is in front of people.

There are ways for us to help out. I understand, that speaking daily regarding exactly how the Federal government means to fix things and just how the mortgage business mean to take care of points and aid people who need it, yet they are still lots of people who need help. It is our job to obtain out and see exactly what we can do to help them.

This is the heart and soul of real estate investing — buying unwanted properties and using them to help others who need homes.

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